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The Work Ordered Day is an in-house prevocational program with focus on members' strengths, rather than their illness. Work in the Clubhouse provides the core healing process.

The Unit work of the Clubhouse is accomplished by members and staff working side by side as colleagues. High Hopes Clubhouse has the following units:

Membership Services Unit
The Membership Service Unit provides the following services:

*Outreach to all members
*Clubhouse Research
*Customer Service
*Tours of the Clubhouse
*Building Maintenance
*Stocking Merchandise
*Clubhouse Inventory
*Social Program
*Van Maintenance

Business/Employment Unit
The Business/Employment Unit is responsible for all business administration and clerical functions of the Clubhouse including:

*Quarterly Newsletter
*Clubhouse Statistics
*Bulk Mailing
*Word Processing
*Planning Events
*Basic Accounting
*Data Entry
*Processing Payroll
*Job Development
*Referral for Services
*Resume writing
*Interviewing skills
*Long-term job support
*Income Reports

Food Service Unit
The Food Services Unit is responsible for:

*Menu planning
*Bulk food ordering
*Cafe operations
*Cashier skills
*Food preparation
*Dining room setup